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While studying abroad at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Manu and Alrashid lived on the same floor of their dormitory. They immediately connected and became close friends. In Asia, they envisioned a company linking social media, entertainment, and tech. 

It all started with the creative filming of Manu’s "Keep60" music video in the bustling heart of Hong Kong Island, giving them the inspiration to take things one step further and create our own success story.



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Manu is a Stockholm, Sweden native of Indian descent. He is a creative artist with professional experience growing audiences on social media accounts with millions of followers and conducting viral marketing campaigns for major record labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group as well as global brands.

Manu was an integral part of building out the basketball centered Dunk network across social media (20M+ followers) with @dunk on Instagram and TikTok being the flagship accounts. Subsequently, he joined Creed Media in 2019 and built out their music/brand campaign process from the ground up into a fast-growing sector of the firm.



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Alrashid is a Syrian-American native. Although born in Syria, he spent a majority of his life in the United States, raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a 2019 Magna Cum Laude Operations Management graduate from the University of Cincinnati, and brings in a variety of corporate experience ranging from Procurement, Forecasting, Data Quality, Operations Finance, and New Product Development at prestigious companies like General Electric, The Boeing Company, and Standard Textile.


While his background is in Supply Chain and Operations, Alrashid has a true passion for creative development and innovation. He has a unique fusion of analytical skills combined with business acumen. In his free time, Alrashid loves to cook, climb mountains, and is a competitive soccer player.

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