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Marketing Services

dynamic messaging strategies to make your brand thrive in today's social media landscape


Short Form Content Strategy

Expert advice on creating short form content to engage your audience. TikTok, Reels, Shorts.

Performance Ads Management

Maximize the effectiveness of your ads with ongoing management.

Creator Marketing

Tap into the power of influential individuals to promote your brand.

Content Production

Engaging videos for your brand through scripting, filming, and editing.

UGC Commissioning

Commission and optimize user-generated content for increased reach and engagement.

Short Form Content Advisory -1


  • Insight analysis - reaching the target demo?

  • Growth tracking - at the target growth rate?

  • Content analysis - creating compelling content?

Ideation / Accountability

  • Content ideation - 5 concepts / week

  • Content scheduling

  • Creator identification

Performance Ads
Management -2




Ad Optimization

Analyze and optimize your ads for maximum performance and ROI.

Target Audience

Identify the most relevant audience for your ads to reach the right customers.

Ad Creatives

Create compelling ad variations to test and improve campaign effectiveness

  • 5 total ads x 3 variations of each per month.


Creator Marketing -3

Influencer Identification

Identify the most suitable influencers for your brand and target market.

Campaign Strategy

Create a comprehensive strategy to collaborate with influencers effectively.

Content Partnership

Develop engaging content in collaboration with influencers to maximize brand awareness.

Content Production -4


Capture high-quality visuals that bring
your content to life.





Develop compelling scripts that convey your brand message effectively.


Edit and enhance your videos for a polished and professional finished product.

UGC Commissioning -5

Content Curation

Select and commission the best user-generated content to showcase your brand.

Engagement Boosting

Implement strategies to increase engagement and interaction with user-generated content.

Analytics Tracking

Monitor and analyze the performance of user-generated content to measure its impact.

Stellar Content Package

Ads Management Saturn Logo

Ads Management

Managing your advertising campaign with 5 ongoing ads and up to 3 variations of each.

Content Production Solar Eclipse

Content Production

10 high-quality videos per month to captivate your audience.

UGC Optimization Neptune

UGC Commissioning

Enhance user-generated content by commissioning and optimizing up to 10 videos per month.

Short Form Content Production Moon

Short Form Content Advisory

Receive expert guidance on short form content tailored to your target market.

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