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Manu Light

is a marketing strategy specialist and spiritual creator

- embodying a unique fusion of modern social media expertise with ancient spiritual wisdom (TLDR).

🏀 His journey began at age 17, as a marketing lead at future sports media juggernaut, Dunk. While balancing the rigors of high school and college, he played a pivotal role in advertising strategies for clients such as major music labels and athletic brands. This, in addition to significantly contributing to massive growth in the company's social media presence.


Why "Manu Light"?

🎶 Manu originally chose this name for his experimental artist project. As a first-time songwriter and vocalist at 19, he generated half a million streams across all platforms with his debut single​.

📈 His digital acumen got him recruited to the social media marketing startup, Creed Media, as the first recruit and Head of Campaigns as a 21-year old. During his tenure, the startup swiftly morphed from a modest 4-member team into a thriving near 100-person powerhouse, leading campaigns for some of the world's biggest artists and brands. Doing so, by globally pioneering the use of TikTok to drive streams and sales - resulting in over one billion organic impressions generated.

🪷 After an exciting year at the agency, the whisper of spirituality, rooted in his rich Malayali Hindu heritage, guided Manu onto a path of self-discovery. This new chapter saw the inception of his spiritual TikTok and Instagram brands. He began sharing his profound knowledge with millions of people around the world - garnering 25,000,000+ views to date.

Currently, Manu dons multiple hats - as a marketing consultant, a cherished spiritual creator, and a pentalingual traveler. His brand clientele, consisting exclusively of warm leads, stands as a testament to the impressions he leaves on those he collaborates with. Amidst his diverse ventures, Manu continues to explore the synergies between digital, holistic, and spiritual, making ripples in both spheres with his genuine insight.


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